Friday, March 14, 2014


Hi Mom!

It sounds like you've been crazy busy! But I'm glad that everything is going good for you! And I'm really glad that you're praying for missionary experiences. That's so awesome :) I'm truly grateful that I have you for my mom. You really are an inspiring person. 

Oh the mission, phew, it's been a crazy busy week. There have been ups and downs and a lot of spiritual awakenings that I've definitely needed from the Lord. Elder Cook also came on Saturday which was really awesome! He and a couple of other speakers came and spoke to us. Haha, I was worried that it was going to be a smack down because it was a complete surprise and no one had been planning on him coming! But it turned out to be amazing and really just what I needed to hear. He also gave us a special blessing and just spoke about a lot of great things about missionary work and trying to get the members involved and really trying to have the spirit with us as we taught.

I am learning SO much on my mission. So much. Haha, and not all of the lessons have been easy to learn. Some have actually been quite painful and humbling, but they've been what I've needed. There are a lot of things that I still need to learn and a lot of things that I want to learn. Our investigators are really progressing and we've got  two of them on date!! Karl (I learned that his name is spelled with a K :) Is set for March 23rd and Sterling is set for March 22nd. So cross your fingers that everything will go well. Sister DeBry said that that was really incredible to have two people on date so quickly and in this area. She said that for the last transfer they didn't have as much luck. Which is interesting because I feel like there's so much potential here. I know that there is potential here and I know there are people here who need to hear the gospel and in many places all over Georgia. But I'm really grateful for these experiences. God has been really good to us here, and he's been so merciful.

It's interesting. There's quite a few things that I learned this week and there's one that I want to share if ya'll don't mind. (Haha, I get the feeling I'm going to start saying that all the time. All the missionaries do, even though many of the members here don't have Southern Accents which is weird). Just that life is just like a set of different doors. And that with each door there's a room that's filled with many hardships and different experiences, but many more opportunities for growth and joy. And eventually you'll have to close the door to that room and open the door to a new room. You can't turn back, but you'll always have the memory of that previous room and what you learned. And sometimes you find yourself in a hallway where you're just waiting for things to happen. But that doesn't mean that you can't have joy studying the things around you and learning more. I feel like that's how a mission is. There are going to be many stages here that I'll have to go through. Many opportunities for growth and learning, happiness and hardships. Then that door will close and I'll move to a new area and that will be filled with different things. It's like with parenthood I guess. You get filled with a lot of new opportunities of growth and happiness that you never experience until you are a parent. Haha, I don't know I just find that to be really interesting.

I hope that everyone is doing great! Keep on praying for missionary work for your area and for ours. There is so much potential in the world today. There is so much still to be done and so much that Heavenly Father wants us to do before He can declare the work as finished. Haha, not that I know much, I'm still learning A Lot, but I know that you guys can add a lot more to the mission effort. The mission is nothing without the members. Missionary work is nothing without membership and fellowship. Haha, I just hope that all of you will continue to get out of your comfort zones and be good neighbors. Be good friends and listeners. Be the kind of person that you'd like others to be, and be the kind of disciple that God wants you to be. (Which you're all amazing at doing anyways, but whatever :) ) Haha, it's not meant to be easy. It wasn't easy for our Savior so why should it be any easier for us? But I know that in these last days, we can be good missionaries. I know that if we put the effort in and really try to find those who need that light, we will meet success. And maybe it's not the success in numbers. Maybe it's not success that we'll necessarily see the fruit of our labors. But it's the success knowing that we did our best. That God is proud of our efforts and we can meet Him at the Judgement Bar and He can say "Well Done." At least, that's what I'd like Him to say to me :) 

I love you all and I hope that everything is going great for you! I love my companion and my area. Haha, both are teaching me so much about how to be a better missionary and how to be a better person. Mom you missed your quote this week! But that's okay, I've got one for you :)

"Come What May and Love It."

Take care!! I love you!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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