Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello hello!!

I hope that you guys are having a great time at the cabin! I'm so jealous! I miss you guys so bad.

Things are going so great here on the mission. I've been learning so much. This transfer has FLOWN by. I can't believe that there are only two weeks left in the transfer 0.0. I might be headed out to a new area come August 6th. We'll see what happens!

Haha, sounds like you guys had a fun time with the horses! Did you take pictures? I've got some pictures that I need to send off to you! I'll try and get them printed today and get them sent off to you this week!

I think probably the biggest miracle that happened this week was that it was a good week. There was so much more unity and friendship in our companionship, which has definitely been a big blessing. Beverly Taylor is still on date! (She's reading from the Gospel Principles manual, Ensign, Missionary Pamphlets, AND the Book of Mormon. It's so awesome! I didn't realize that the Gospel Principles manual went into such deep doctrine! It talks about in the last chapter how God was a man on another earth before he was God. And of course Beverly happened to read that while she was studying. Haha, both Sister Hooker and I were like Oh, shoot! But we were able to answer her questions, so hopefully it's okay) Her son is coming into town this week so she probably won't be able to make it to church. We're kind of worried about what may happen, so we're trying to inoculate her like crazy and let her know that Satan is going to be on her like crazy.

These last two transfers have been teaching me ALOT. A lot about how to be a better missionary and how to be a better person. Haha, I've definitely have had to have quite a few spiritual slaps in the face. I still don't feel like I have any idea as to what I'm doing, but I know that the Lord is near. As long as I'm worthy of having the Spirit, everything is okay. It's interesting to me how Satan works. He really likes to hit us right where it hurts the most. Which is the family. (And for the mission, the companionship.) If he can strike at the heart everything falls apart. This transfer has really helped me to see how important family is. It's made me really grateful for the things that I have. So, shout out to ya'll! I'm so grateful for my family!! Thanks for all of the lessons that you've taught me. Thank you for teaching me about life and how to be a good person. I'm so grateful for you Mom and Dad. And I'm so grateful for my brothers and sisters. Dallas, Helen, Andrew, Amy, Amelia, Pete, Cameron, Becca, thanks for all that you have taught me and continue to teach me. I'm so grateful for your examples. I feel truly blessed to be the last one in line to learn from those who have gone before me. I look up to you guys a lot. Thank you!

Cheers to a new week and a new adventure! I'm praying for ya'll! Keep the Faith :)

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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