Monday, July 7, 2014


Hi Fam!

Wow, it sounds like there's been a lot of stuff going on back home :) I'm SO glad to hear that the cabin didn't get burned and that the homestead is alright. And that's so much fun that you guys had a great fourth of July :) How's the book coming mom? Were you able to read a chapter with the ANWA group? Oh man, I miss the Arizona storms. Those were the best. The storms here are so weird. They only last for like ten minutes. It just makes me think: That's it? Where's the lightning? Where's the wind? That was nothin'!

Well, let's see... this week had a lot of miracles :) One of our Less Actives has been coming to church every Sunday for the past three weeks!! We also showed her a way to be able to answer any questions she had about the gospel on her phone and got her the whole gospel library uploaded on it. Her name is Lynn Davis and we've been helping her ever since I got into this area. She has a beautiful garden in her backyard so we often like to go back there and help her out with weeding and stuff. (Sister Hooker and I are now professional weeders :P)

We had one of our investigators also come to church. Her name is Beverly Taylor and she's a sweet older woman that we've been working with since pretty much I first got here. We were able to give her a Priesthood blessing on Sunday (She's been going through a lot of family hardships. Her husband has gone blind and is almost deaf which happened a couple of years ago and he's been struggling.) We've been wanting her to get this priesthood blessing for so long and finally she accepted and the spirit in the room was SO powerful. It was awesome! We're determined to get her on date this week, but it's been so incredible seeing her slowly progress and grow closer to the Lord.

I hope that everyone is doing well back home! Things are going so good here :) I've learned so much these last two transfers and continue to learn so many things. It's been such a blessing (And a hardship ;) ) but it's definitely been worth it.

Missionary challenge!
So we've asked everyone in the ward over here to start praying for their missionaries in their ward. And so I'm giving ya'll the same challenge. Pray for the missionaries in your ward that you're working with by name. Pray for their investigators. You don't need to pray for me, because the ward has been praying for us, but please pray for them and help them out :) And that's so awesome that you guys got to feed them!

I hope you guys have the best week ever! Love you!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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