Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hello hello Fam!

Boy! It sounds like things are really crazy back home! I'm glad that things have been so good as well! Please send me a picture of that hummingbird and let me know how ANWA goes! I've always wanted to go to one of those! (And if you can get me an autograph of someone I would love it :P ) And you've been called as President! (I'm not surprised :) ) That's awesome! And that's so great that Renea has been able to help you get another name Dad!! Man! I seriously want to learn how to do that!

Alright! This week, it's been crazy, but it's been a good week :) Yeah I'm still in a threesome, transfers aren't until the beginning of March. When that hits one of my companions (Sister Roundy) will be going home. After that point I'll probably just stay with Sister Osburn. Let's see, we've got an investigator that we're working with which I'm Super stoked about! His name is Cyriacus and he's from Nigeria. He's super sincere, black, and awesome! I love his accent :) He's got a family still in Nigeria that he's working to get into the states (he has a five year old that he hasn't even met yet!) We're planning on teaching him tomorrow and putting him on date! Wish us luck! 

We've also had a lot of success getting in with more Less Actives in the area who are receptive to us, so that's been Really needed. We've got some return appointments and hopefully we'll be able to help them come back to church.

Also, our ward did this Crazy missionary blitz thing where there was just Sacrament meeting and then every family had two to three names of less actives or people on the ward list that we didn't know who they were and they were asked to go and find them for an hour and a half and see if they were still home. It seemed like a lot of people had a really good experience with that, which was so good to see! 

Haha, we still have an ant problem (Raid is our best friend :P ) I've had to sleep on the couch because they've been on the wall next to my bed. I'm planning on moving my bed over today and getting my sheets washed so I don't have to worry about it. Oh! And we ended up having to switch our car. The car we were driving had this crazy oil leak that was dripping out of the engine and we ended up losing all of our transmission fluid. Our car was smoking super badly, we had to go to the Pep Boys place and then call Elder Residori. But super miracle, because he couldn't get a tow truck there, we had to keep driving it to the mission office. We weren't sure if we were going to make it, but we kept praying and it ended up making it to the office. (It was crazy too because this silly train blocked our path so we ended up having to go the LONG way around in order to get to the office.)

Anyways, lots of stuff, but it was a good week. I hope that ya'll are having a great week too! I miss ya lots and lots! Have a blessed day :)

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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