Monday, February 2, 2015


Dear Fam,

I'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Sorry!! This week and last week have been insane, so I'm sorry that I haven't sent you my address! It's 7103 Dunleaf Arc Way. Norcross, GA 30093. 

Okay, I've got a lot to update you on. So last week on Friday, my companion Sister Summerhays ended up going home early due to her depression that was really affecting how she worked. She was really struggling badly, so she ended up talking to president and got a blessing and she felt like she really needed to go. I had a feeling that it was time for her to go too, she was just so exhausted and ready. It reminded me of when I had to go home for my back. It was just so hard to get out of bed and so exhausting to go to work. So, I'm grateful that she was able to go home and hopefully she's getting some help. She was out for about fifteen months, so she's officially done. Now, that being said, I have two new companions! Sister Roundy and Sister Osburn! And they are the best :D We are laughing every day and we're all super excited to get to work. Since I've only been in the area for about a week, we're whitewashing which is definitely intense and crazy, but it's a really good experience too :) We're kind of starting from ground zero.

Probably one of the biggest miracles right now is being able to have some good companions who want to work and who are obedient. Sister Osburn has been out for about five months now, and Sister Roundy has been out for seventeen months. Both of them like to work hard and with the three of us, so far we've been getting along well :) Haha, and when we have our initials in the right order, it looks like Sisters PRO. It's awesome :P 

It's kind of funny, all three of us have gotten the impression that we really need to work on helping the ward become more unified. Most of the missionaries are making goals for getting more baptisms and finding people to teach. While I was fasting on Sunday, I thought about fasting for that, but it didn't seem like the right thing to fast for, at least, not right now. And then we talked about what we want our goal to be and it really came down to the ward. It just got split in December and so it feels like everyone is still trying to adjust and get used to new callings and so forth. It's a REALLY small congregation, but really gung ho about missionary work. Except it feels like there's kind of a disconnect among the members in wanting to work together. It seems like a lot of the members' friends are in the other ward now, and so nobody really knows each other, and possibly don't know quite how to bridge the gap. So! We're planning on meeting with the Relief Society president on Tuesday and hopefully suggest some ideas on how we can help. At the moment, we've only got one progressing investigator who's part of a part member family. We're meeting with him tonight actually, I've never met him before, but his name is Scott and he seems like he's really interested in learning more. So we're going to be showing him the Restoration video and just find out where he's at with everything. 

We just figure, if the ward isn't unified, it's going to be impossible to retain new investigators. The Elders in our ward, are doing an awesome job at bringing more investigators and people into the ward, but I'm wondering how the fellowshipping is going among the members. I love it here though. There's a lot of great people in the ward, and there's a lot of potential! It'll probably take a while for things to get settled down and for people to make new connections, but we'll see how it goes. There's also a Relief Society get together this Thursday called Speed Friendshipping, so Hopefully that'll help with everything. 

Anyways, things over all are going really well. I'm loving the work, and I'm learning lots. It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Summerhays, but I love my new companions :) And I know she needed to go home too. The Gospel is true and the book is blue!! I'm glad that things are going well! I hope Andrew and Amy can get to feeling better! (I'd really like some pictures of those puppies by the way :P ) haha, I'm glad you've got chickens and that you're loving primary too!! Fog is awesome :D I love it, and of course I remember the fog in the pines!! How could I forget? That was so epic! 

Anyways, I love ya'll and I'm praying for you! I hope ya'll have a blessed week! Love you!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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