Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hello Family!!

Well! This week was a crazy week! I forgot to let you know that a General Authority came to our mission this week. He's in the presidency of the area seventy and his name is Elder Zwick. We had a huge zone conference on Thursday the whole day and it was just sooo inspiring and uplifting. And get this! Our mission is getting Ipads! He announced that he had gotten the news that our mission was going to be getting Ipads in May and that he would be coming back to give us instructions on how to use them and what to use them for. Which is crazy exciting and a little scary too!! So... I'm probably the most spoiled missionary ever, but I'm really excited for them :P

We also ended up going on exchanges this week and I was companions with Sister Chapman for a day who is actually from Mesa, Arizona. Her brother Jarred was in orchestra with me! Which was crazy fun and exciting! :P Do y'all know any other Chapmans? She graduated at Mesa High and is 29 years old. She's also really good friends with Amanda Nicoll. (But I was a silly head and completely forgot to ask her first name!!!) She also only has one leg and has a prosthetic leg that she uses if that helps to identify her :P I was thinking that maybe Amelia might know her. She also has dark curly hair.

Anyways, work wise, there isn't a lot to report for this week. It seems like everyone is just really busy to meet with us, but we're going to try and get in with that family tonight and teach them, so cross your fingers that we'll be able to see them again tonight

Other news, we also just found out that the ward that we're in is going to be splitting!! So there's going to be a special meeting this coming Sunday all about it and what the new boundaries are going to be! It's crazy and a little sad, but I'm interested to see what the new changes will bring. This ward has a lot of really awesome people and I'm sure that they'll be able to adjust to the changes well, I just hope that it'll all work out. 

As a whole things are going well. I've been going through the Book of Mormon over again in my studies. I'm at Mosiah nineteen right now, and it's just really interesting to me how reading it slowly and highlighting certain things really brings the experiences to life. I really like taking it slowly and studying the verses in depth because I feel like I'm gleaning so much more out of them. Especially with what Abinadi says to King Noah and how brave he must have been to have been able to say all of those things when he knew that he was going to die. It's just awesome and really inspiring. :)

Anyways, I hope y'all have a blessed week!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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