Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hi Fam!

I love that quote mom! It's definitely true. Well, this week we had more success concerning investigators and exciting news. We've got an awesome golden contact that we're working with at the moment. Her name is Chastity and we're going to be meeting with her again this evening to teach the second lesson. The first lesson with her was rockin! She totally engaged in the conversation and she had her friend over so we gave them both a Book of Mormon and they both wanted to learn more. Chastity just soaked up the first lesson and even wanted to ask us for a return appointment. Sister Hooker and I were on Cloud Nine it was sooo awesome!!

We also have another family that we were working with, the Perry's, but we're going to have to refer them to the other missionaries. It was sad because their job was in our area and we taught them the first lesson. We tried to refer them to the other missionaries before, but they never called the family. So the family ended up calling us and wanted to have a sit down lesson with us. They were Golden! But, because they're not in our area, we still have to refer them to the other missionaries :( But that's okay, I hope that they can get baptized soon!!

All considering, life here in the mission is good. I'm still having my struggles, but Heavenly Father has been there the whole way. I can definitely see the hand of the Lord in this work. I'm excited to hear about any news for Anwa! Also, you didn't tell me about working in the homeless shelter! What were the details on that? I'm glad that you're still talking to Lee! Is she still friends but completely closed off to the gospel? I'm glad to hear that you gals are still talking. 

Hey, have you ever gone on a team up with the missionaries before? Since dad has his calling, I'm guessing he has, but have you mom? It's really cool! Haha, and since I'm a missionary I can totally advocate for it, but I bet the missionaries would love it if you could go with them, or even have one of the investigators their teaching come over to the house. It's crazy to have this new perspective on missionary work. Now that I am a missionary, it makes me want to be a better member missionary. Since the missionaries have to worry about miles, I want to be the kind of person that's willing to drive them to places and be like, I'm free for the night, where do you need to go and what can I do for you. I bet the missionaries would love that! The ward is being so awesome at getting the missionary bug going. More people are signing up to feed us and to go on team ups with us. It's insane what all is happening! 

And and!! We got one of our less actives to come to church!! We didn't even have to invite her! We just saw her sitting on the bench and we were both dumb struck to see her! It was a miracle. It was almost even more exciting than getting a baptism it was so cool. 

I hope that all is well back home! Have fun at the cabin and picking those apples :P Love you!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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