Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hello Fam!

I hope that everything is going well. Well, the heat has come! It's crazy humid, but honestly, hot is hot :P whether it's humid or dry, it's still hot. As long as there is a bit of a breeze, it's not too bad, but that doesn't always happen. Sister Hooker and I decided that we just need to go tracting at night where the heat isn't half so bad. And I'm staying in Alpharetta with Sister Hooker! And I'm actually kind of excited to see what happens this transfer. There are a lot of things to look forward to and I'm excited to see it :) 

Ah man, I'm sad that I missed the apple picking fun stuff. It's funny that you talked about the peaches here. They're actually not all that popular. The peaches in North Carolina are much better so I've heard. Most of the people here say they weren't sure where that phrase of the Georgia peach came from :P 

Those oils are miracle workers. I love those things. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Avon spray!! It has been a life saver! I swear the little buggers here are a nightmare!! Luckily they haven't invaded the house! Only the fruit flies have gotten in, but those things don't bite, so I could care less about them. 

Things here in Webb Bridge are going good. The ward is being awesome about going on team ups and signing up to feed us. We're still trying to work on everyone signing up for all the missionaries (we've got three sets here. It's nuts!). But we've got a rockin' relief society auxiliary leader working with the relief society and our ward mission leader is awesome! We're still working on building our teaching pool. We've got quite a bit of work going with less actives and part member families, and there's another family that we might be working with in a couple of weeks that I'm excited about! Oh, I've got to tell you the story on them. 

So this happened yesterday. After church on our planner it said that we had a dinner over with the Maycock family. So we drive down there and get there a couple of minutes early. We decide to do a little tracting beforehand since we're early and end up knocking on a door. We decide to do one more door before we head in and end up meeting this family. They tell us they'll be out of town for a bit, but when they come back in July they want us to come back. Apparently they knew the Maycocks. They had gone to a couple of meetings in the past and were totally open in hearing what we had to say. So get this: we head back over to the Maycocks to tell them the good news and find out that we actually didn't have dinner with them that night. They had cancelled on the paper and another family was actually planning on feeding us. The other sisters thought they had told us that we were going to the other family, but we didn't remember. But it was so awesome, because if we hadn't had made the mistake of going over to the Maycocks we never would have met that family! It was super awesome!

Well, I hope that you guys are enjoying the summer heat! It's crazy. It rains here all the time. But it's so sporadic. The skies will be completely cleared and suddenly it's pouring! And then there was this one time where we were driving and it was a total downpour. The windshield wipers were going crazy. And we were like Geez, this is insane. I kid you not, five minutes later we drive and suddenly the rain is gone. It was like we had gone through a waterfall or something. It was crazy! It was pouring like crazy in one spot and the other was completely clear. Haha, the weather here is soo bizarre. I now know that I need to carry an umbrella with me all the time because it rains so randomly. And then I kid you not, about ten minutes later, it's completely clear and the sun is shining. It's insane. 

I love you all and miss you! I hope that you have a great week! Thanks for all that you do! 

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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