Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hi Fam!

Oh my goodness it sounds like there have been some fun things happening back home. Sorry it's been so hot, but I'm glad that the mornings and evenings have been great. It's been pretty warm and muggy around here. It's AWFUL when there isn't a breeze when we go tracting. It feels like the air is just Stagnant and you're walking in a sauna. I hope you guys can get some rain soon. I do have a subway in the area, and I have yet to use my card that I want to use, but I'm excited to use it :) Congratulations to Jason getting married! That's so fun :) I'm sure if you pointed her out to me, I'll probably recognize her. I'm glad that you got to sit down in a session. Man! I can't wait to go to the temple!! And that's awesome that the Seagull Bookstore is closer!
That's SO Exciting for Bobby and Bowen!! Congrats to them! Oh, that's so awesome! And Ryan got his papers in!! IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Good! He's going to love it soooo much. It'll be hard, but he'll love it. I'm so stoked for him! When he finds out where he goes, will you send me his address? I'd love to write him some letters :)

This week truly has been better than other weeks. It's been tough, but I've been learning so much and God has been with me all the way. We've got some families and people that we're excited to start teaching this week. We've got the Ding family. They're from China. When we went tracting, they welcomed us into their home and let us share our message. They don't have much of a religious background and wanted to learn more. Their kids were so cute! They're named Tracy, Teddy, and Terry. The Dad's name is Jason and the wife is named Ping. (Awful name, Ping Ding, I feel so bad for her). 

And And!! We had another awesome miracle! So we had a referral from exchanges. Sister Hooker went to Johns Creek and found out about the Perry family. They work in our area, but their home is outside of it. So we were asked to just check in on them and see how they were doing. They said that'd they might be interesting in getting the lessons. They had friends who were l.d.s. and had been working with them for a while. We did so and told them that we could stop by every so often, but the other missionaries in Atlanta would have to teach them. Well... the other day they ended up calling us and told us they wanted us to come talk to them! And not just talk, but have a sit down lesson with them at their office! It was so awesome! I guess the other missionaries had never contacted them, so we're going to see them this week and start teaching them. It was super exciting! Sister Hooker and I were on cloud nine! We've also got a couple of other people that we tracted into this week, so we're hopeful that they'll turn out to be some awesome contacts.

Thank you for your prayers and your fasting. They truly have been helping out. Please don't stop, transfers are coming in about two and a half weeks, and I get the feeling that I might be leaving. It's also possible that I'll be staying for another six weeks, but I won't know until later :) I have no idea what to expect, but it's probably going to be a little rough. They're going to be June 25th, soooo if I happen to be a bit of an emotional wreck during that time, that'll be why. But, things are much better than what they were. Thank you for the letters. They really mean the world to me. It means a lot knowing that I have a family who's awesome and is there for me. So thank you.

 I hope that everyone is doing well! Keep up the good work and don't give up on the missionary efforts :) Have a great week!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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