Monday, June 2, 2014


Hello hello! 

I hope that everyone is doing well this week! Things have definitely had their ups and downs this week :P But things are slowly moving forward. Time just always keeps on ticking away. Sister Hooker and I are trying to get more people to teach. We've been working with a woman named Beverly this week and we actually ended up teaming up with one of the members of our ward who got along really well with her. Which was awesome! We've been really needing someone to get with her to feel more love from the ward. She didn't end up going to church, but we're hopeful for next week. (Her husband has been having trouble, he's pretty much blind and almost all deaf. So she's been really struggling to try and take care of him. It's been really hard for her.)

Alot of what we've been doing is trying to get to know the ward better here. And it's been really cool. This ward has a lot of young families so it's been interesting trying to find fun activities for the kids to do while we try to also teach the adults. We did a fun little experiment with food coloring and 1% milk in a pie tin. You drop a drop of food coloring in the milk and then touch it with the tip of a q tip with dish soap on it and the color bursts out and hits the other colors. The kids loved it! And then we shared about how our testimonies do the same thing. And that the more we share it, the more seeds that are planted. 

Well this month of June we've had a mission fast to become more consecrated missionaries. The goal is to be more diligent and dedicated for the work. We had zone conference last week all about it. And I'm excited for the new President that's coming in. His name is President Benyen (I think that's how you spell it) they look like a really nice couple and I'm really excited to see what things will happen when they come! 

There have been a lot of little miracles that I've seen this week. So many times where we meet people that share something that we needed to hear. (Oh my goodness, last week we had a day filled with just biking and walking in the humid weather. We were trying to save on miles but it was ridiculous. We didn't go inside at all that day. It was such a blessing when we were able to go and visit the old bishop in the ward who let us in and talked with us. He normally wouldn't have done it because his wife isn't doing well, but he let us come in. It was such a blessing.)

But God is good and the work keeps moving forward. I'm learning so much and it's truly been such a blessing to be out here. I hope that everyone is doing great! Oh and the weather today has been gorgeous!! It hasn't been half as humid and there's been such a nice breeze. I think it's been in the eighties, but it's been soooo nice today and yesterday. Anyways, thanks for all that you do! Have a fantastic week!

Just Believe,
Sister Petersen

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